Sep 6, 2008

Weekend in review

I've been absent from the interwebs for a few weeks, school is back with a vengeance. I've still managed to have fun on the bike though.
I headed to Manhattan last weekend and joined their monthly Critical Mass. They had a fairly good sized group. Those kids are much more civil than the rable-rousers here in Lawrence.

Saturday was Cruise the Blues, if you're not familiar with the race, it's a uniquely Kansas cycling event. Nestled in the middle of central Kansas is Doug and Tracey Palen's farm. In addition to being a farmer Doug is also a passionate mountain biker. He has created a network of fast flowy singletrack which meander through his fields and pastures. Dodging cornstalks and cow patties is part of the experience.

The race loop is approximately 13 miles of hardpacked goodness. The trail was not as buff as it has been in years past, thanks to a downpour the week before the race. Nothing five hours of racing can't remedy!

My teammate, Cycle City's very own John Waller, and I launched our assault on the men's five-hour "glory" field. I had a good first lap and John had an even better second. Unfortunately for me, the previous night's overindulgence in cheap beer and pulled-pork sandwiches would not be silenced — a counter-attack on my stomach was launched. I hurriedly exorcised the demons in the nearest johnny and just missed my teammate riding in. We lost some time but still managed to hold off third place. We went home with money in our pockets. Not a bad weekend. Congrats to the dynamic Chambers duo for taking home the big win!