Feb 16, 2008

Endless Winter

For the past two months I've been testing winter shoes from Lake, Northwave and Specialized for Cyclocross Magazine.

They have all, to varying degrees, kept the elements at bay and made riding through a Midwestern winter more bearable.

Look for a full review in our fall '08 issue.

Personally, I hate winter. I've seen enough snow this year to last me a lifetime. I hate riding in freezing temperatures, but it beats sitting on my ass. I definitely have not done as much training as I would have liked—I have no illusions of grandeur, of decimating the field, I'll be content to hold my own until Kansas thaws.

This will be an interesting race season for me; many changes have been made. All of them for the better. Stay tuned for more details.


  1. What up Josh! FYI, I've been kickin' the Lakes for a couple of months and they're fallin' apart. The heels are rippin' out. Lake will take them back and repair for no charge. Still, for 300 bones retail, those things should ultra-durable and make me fresh buttery biscuits every morning.

    I heard Pearl is coming out with some great winter boats next year for half the cost of the Lakes.

  2. Hey there! Sorry to hear about the Lakes, I've had no problems yet but will continue to abuse them.