Jul 29, 2008

In my search to create what friends have dubbed "The Josh Patterson Fantasy Bike Shop," I've found a great way to build a wheeled cart for my Park TS-2 truing stand.

I love building wheels—I find it very relaxing. Something about taking many disparate parts and creating a single strong, functional structure is very rewarding. One thing I've always wanted to build was a cart to hold boxes of spokes, spoke prep / linseed oil and my tensiometer. Well, I came across a ready-made solution.

I picked up a microwave cart, for free, and drilled holes in the top to mount my truing stand. It holds everything I need. I can wheel it around the shop, I could even roll it into the house and build wheels while watching Desperate Housewives.

I could.


  1. your awesome man, its amazing what people consider junk!!!

  2. Desperate Housewives!? Come on....c'mon..really?

  3. I said I "could," didn't say I would. The O.C. and Hanna Montana are far more entertaining...;)