Mar 13, 2010

Out West

I spent last week in Cali, Morgan Hill to be precise.

I had the chance to test some new products, hangout with some cool people and I even learned a thing or two.

 On Thursday we rode the Sea Otter race course. I was most definitely feeling the effects of our long Kansas winter.

"Trail conditions" were less than ideal. I use quotes because anyone who has ridden or raced at Laguna Seca knows it's more dirt road and double track than actual trail. An abnormally wet winter brought much needed rain, but also created giant sinkholes and axle-deep ruts in many places.

Coming off a water bar on the first descent I managed to maneuver out of harms way, narrowly missing a man-eater of a sinkhole.  One of my buddies, a known Team Segal nerdowell, was not so lucky — he rode straight in, crashed in spectacular fashion and came away with a broken collar bone.

At least it was a loaner bike.


  1. Please tell me that a S-Works was not destroyed. I would be fraught with anguish.

  2. I've been told that the bike wasn't a total loss, but the handlebar and XX brake lever was pretty mangled.

    Our Good Doctor is able to ride again, but not agressively yet.

    How'd you do at SR?