Mar 5, 2008


Every now and then something reminds me how glad I am to live in Lawrence, Kan. This morning it was opening the Journal World and reading the two front page stories. One delt with a curbside recycling proposal, the second was about a Northern River Otter spotted in the Baker Wetlands. This is the first time in over a hundred years this critter has been seen in the region. Other cities would have relegated this story to page 10A. Not Lawrence, we're proud of our water weasel.

Lawrence is a little town with something for everyone. Esquire Magazine recently named the Replay as one of the “The Best Bars in America.” It's got friggin' Pabst Blue Ribbon Bowling, how could it not make this list!

Other accolades the city has recieved include being one of the best cities to retire in and best cities to educate your children in. lists Lawrence, Kan. as one of the "Top 10 Smartest Cities In America." Other Midwestern cities that made the list are Madison Wis. and Columbia, Mo. Number one on the list is the People's Republic of Boulder. Which, having lived there, would make the list for the top 10 flakiest cities in America. offense.


  1. For a few minutes over the weekend, we thought the otter bought it. someone called in saying they saw an otter that had been hit by a car. It was a mink. Phew!

  2. A mink!? I didn't even know we had those here. I'm sure it's another endangered / threatened species.