Mar 23, 2008


I took my youngest brother and his friend out west for a few days of singletrack bliss in the wide open spaces of the western slope. Taylor and Graham are accomplished riders, with skills beyond there 17 years. Neither had rode Fruita or Moab before. This was their rite of passage.

I've led several groups to Moab. My favorite part of these trips is watching my friend's reactions to the vast landscapes.

There were quite a few people on spring break. We met people from all over the country. Most everyone was on blinged-out five and six-inch full suspension rigs. I only saw one other singlespeeder. To my surprise, I received several derisive comments on the combination of 29" wheels, rigid and singlespeed. Apparently that's not the proper bike to ride in Moab...

My default gearing of 32:18 suited the fast, flowy trails of Fruita. I did switch to 32:20 for the steeper grades of Slickrock. With the exception of several sections of Moore Fun these gearings made everything rideable.

On the way back we stopped at Spot Brand HQ in Golden Colo. to meet and greet the nice folks building my new ride. Gavin, Spot's product manager, was nice enough to give us a tour. Lots of cool stuff in the works!


  1. Josh
    Sounds like you guys had a blast, loved the pics. One would think that the folks on the big hit sleds would be secure enough to not hate on whats different, simplistic, etc. such is life. Selah. Sorry I missed your call last night, I left my phone in my camelback in the trunk overnight.
    you look quite fetching in the new duds. cant wait to see the new ride.

  2. I could have used a fellow singlespeeder.

    How was Landahl riding ?

    I hear tell there's a race coming up...

  3. I would have loved to have been there but more pressing demands prevailed
    see the landahl details here

    It seems that all the cool kids have a blog. So I thought why not? I need to work on securing photos to document our white trash adventures.

  4. I was called a fun hater when i stopped in to the chili pepper shop in moab,for rigid & single few years back. Much more fun to be had in Friuta. Go Fast.

  5. Hey Josh, happy to have found your outlet here, I was in the next room to you at the DK last year and we spoke a bit, you may not remember but anyways I was wondering if you met Brian Hannon out at Spot? He is good people and a monster on the bike. He is off to Italy soon but you should meet him if you haven't. See ya around.

  6. I do remember you, were you riding a Poprad?

    The only people at Spot HQ when I rolled in were Melissa and Gavin.

    Are you doing DK v 3.0?



  7. yep, that was me, I swore off doing that ride again after last year but like most things the pain fades with time I just started thinking how fun of a trip it was and so in the end I could not resist another go. I will be there!