Apr 7, 2008

Brew to Brew

Saturday night KU beat UNC, shortly thereafter Lawrence became the drunkest city in the nation. Mass. St. turned into Bourbon St.

Sunday morning was the 14th annual Brew-to-Brew. A 44 mile race from the Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, Mo. to the Free State Brewery in Lawrence.

Sunday morning came very early. I've felt better and I've felt worse — but I've never run 11 miles feeling that bad. Our four man team, "The White Trash Avengers," was spearheaded by fearless leader Mr. Joshua Stamper. I was most certainly the weakest link. I did my best to finish my legs of the race in a respectable time, despite my overindulgences of the previous night.


  1. Dude I am still hurting from the running then sitting in the car. My hamstrings were not happy about that monday morning. Next time we will take a truck so we can stretch out. You racing this weekend?

  2. I'll be racing road Saturday and then hopefully I'll race Crowder on Sunday, if I can find a ride.

  3. Hey I finally checked the results. We finished 5th in the scratch division and tenth overall.
    Not too shabby for a bunch of skinny white kids.