Apr 10, 2008

Mass street hysteria

Within seconds of winning the national championship, fans spilled out of bars and onto the streets of downtown Lawrence. I've never seen so many people celebrating together. Everyone was in good spirits, many were three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk.

Festivities were much the same as Saturday night: total strangers giving each other hugs and high-fives, drinking in the streets and occasionally exposing themselves to the crowd.

By and large, everyone got along. The most the police did was to confiscate bottles and cans, "chug it or pitch it they'd say," plastic cups were fine.

Go here go see pics of the Mass. St. hysteria.


  1. You've been tagged. Refer to my blog post "tagged" for details.


  2. Funny you should ask, my latest post updates that. I'm 95% positive I'll be on my XO2. I was also thinking, with a lot of people potentially doing it on cross bikes, maybe you could get a write up of the event in the magazine. Something to think about, especially with the magnitude of a couple of the riders that will be there.

  3. Not much to talk about these days or what?